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If you are looking to live in a beautiful and dynamic area, where the real estate industry is booming and is projected to grow in the future, look no further than the area of East Dallas, Texas. Named the Lake and Garden District by the East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, the entire area is currently experiencing a large resurgence within the real estate industry, with a huge increase of amazingly high-quality homes being listed each and every day for low prices. Right now is the perfect time to buy property in East Dallas! The prices are low, and the quality is high.

What truly sets East Dallas apart from the rest of the cities in Texas is that East Dallas truly includes all the things that most people are looking for in a residential city. In some areas of East Dallas, there are quiet and calming suburbs which are perfect for families and children alike, with great public and private schools, as well as a wealth of beautiful parks and natural scenery. And, then right down the street, there are many other areas in the East Dallas area which truly encompass the quintessential ‘city’ life, complete with fun bars, great shopping, clubs, restaurants, and tons of theater options. There is no doubt that East Dallas is the perfect place to live in America!

Currently, there are a little over 60,000 households in the East Dallas area, with the average household size being 2.38. The entire population of East Dallas is 144,998, and the median household income is $55,783. 56.6% of the homes in the East Dallas area have detached, single family homes, and the average price of a home in the area is $231,335. Each area within the area is truly unique in and of itself, and has something different and interesting that everyone is sure to enjoy.

The areas within East Dallas are colorful, dynamic, and also, very beautiful. There are many stunning natural areas in each East Dallas neighborhood where outdoor activities and sports are the norm. There are also several areas which have that great community feel that so many home-buyers are currently looking for. No matter what preference you have, and no matter what you are looking for in a neighborhood, you are sure to find it in one of the many wonderful areas within East Dallas, Texas.

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