How to Expect the Unexpected for Your Interior Design Project

Dated: June 16 2020

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Have you recently thought about or even decided to start an interior design project? If you are working with a professional on your project, they will likely give you an estimate of the cost of the design you have chosen. Sometimes, however, unexpected costs come up that the pro may not make part of your proposal. This does not mean that you can’t plan for them. Keep reading to learn about the additional costs that may come so you can be as prepared as possible as you kick off your project.

Shipping is one of the things that may cause an additional expense because often times the vendor cannot calculate shipping until they weigh the inventory. They will calculate the weight and the distance it will travel to get to you. Once they have the shipping figured out, they would invoice you. And if you need those materials fast, be prepared to pay those extra fees for rush delivery. 

Have you seen the design shows where the homeowners walk in their newly designed home and get that “WOW” moment? We all love to see that before and after! To achieve that complete look when you first come back into your home, the designer may want to store your household goods so they can put everything together at the end for their walk through with you. Having your stuff out of the home can also help them complete certain design aspects. You definitely do not want paint to get on your sofa accidentally! 

Storage can cost extra but will be worth it when YOU get to experience that moment you have seen on television!

Not nearly as much fun as the “Wow” moment is the extra costs that may come from your insurance company. If you are having costly items shipped to you, make sure you discuss with your designer and your insurance carrier who would be covering those items if they were damaged or lost. As disappointing as it would be to have your design delayed (or not get that piece you really wanted), it would be much worse if you also had to pay out of pocket to replace the item or even go without it. 

If you have ever done any work to your home, you know that sometimes things come up that no one was expecting. Your designer will do his or her best to plan for all circumstances, but sometimes these unexpected things may lead to extra labor (and material) costs. Also, sometimes the planned labor can end up costing more than expected due to the scope of work increasing. The best thing you can do is to pad your budget a bit and be as flexible as possible.

You may not be aware of this, but sometimes vendors require a minimum purchase to process your order. Maybe you have picked out flooring for a small area and just need a little bit. Some wholesalers will require a minimum order or charge a minimum purchase fee if you do not meet their minimum requirements. Sometimes they will not include this in their quotes, so it can be a big surprise to the buyer if they are not prepared.  

Starting your home design project can be exciting and fun. The more prepared you are for the unexpected costs, the more flexible you can be with your budget and thus have lower stress throughout your project. Finishing within budget, or even under, can make that new space even more enjoyable for years to come!

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