Spring Maintenance for Your Home

Dated: April 26 2021

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It sure has been a wild winter here in Texas! We have had everything from heat to snowstorms! Now that “spring” has officially arrived, I like to take a weekend and do some home maintenance so that I know my home is in the best condition possible. I do this for 2 reasons. One, to save from unexpected and costly repairs, and two, in case we ever decided to sell we know our home has been taken care of. Here are some of the top recommended maintenance items.

  1. Roof 

Get up on your roof and look over your shingles. Look for any missing or damaged shingles. You also want to look at the overall condition of your roof so you can gauge when you might want to think about replacing it. While on the roof you should also check for any repairs that may need to be done on flashings, plumbing vents, skylights, and chimneys.

  1. Gutters

 Inspect your rain gutters for leaks, cracks, or breaks. Be sure your drain spouts are draining away from your home.

  1. Soil

 Spring rains can cause flooding which can lead to foundation damage. Fill low areas in your yard with compacted soil which will help with water absorption.

  1. Attic

 Look in the attic for bird nests, obstructions of vents, damaged panels, rood flashing leaks, and wet spots. Be sure to wear long sleeves if you do this yourself to protect against insulation.

  1. Concrete

 Take a look at the concrete slabs around your home for cracks or signs of movement. All exterior slabs should drain away from the foundation of the home to prevent damage. Fill any cracks you find with concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. 

  1. Brick and Stucco

Examine the outside of your home’s brick or stucco. Look for deteriorated mortar and chipping. If the brick has efflorescences (white deposits) you can dry brush on a warm dry day to remove it. If you find water is penetrating the brick you may consider sealing the brick with a sealant.

  1. Siding & Trim

 This is a larger job, but if you find your trim or siding is rotting or beginning to crumble, you may consider repainting it.

  1. Windows & Doors

 Now is a great time to recaulk windows and doors around your home. This should be done annually. This project will help keep heat and humidity out in the summer and keep cold drafts out in the winter. You should also check that your windows open and close easily and replace any weather stripping as needed.

  1. AC Unit

We know how hot it can get in Texas right? Don’t forget to get your HVAC system inspected and serviced once a year. Be sure to also keep the interior filters fresh by replacing them on a regular basis.

  1. Yard Equipment

 Now is a great time to make sure your lawn and garden equipment is operating and ready to use. 


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